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Make Outdoor Activities a Top Priority This Summer!

More than ever before, society is opting for the online world over our actual physical one. Kids are taking to their smartphones, tablets and laptops for sources of entertainment, opposed to exploring the world around them. And adults aren’t doing much better. Many struggle to leave their work at work and often find themselves on their smartphone or laptop even when home. And although some adults aren’t as interested in the latest tech as younger generations, they still opt to sit in front of the television for hours. 

Well, although our society is moving further and further away from it, research shows that spending time outdoors has a plethora of health benefits for the human body!

You’ll Have Lower Stress

Instead of looking to a cup of coffee for your afternoon energy, try going for a walk at lunch. For instance, if your spare time involves yoga in your family room, try moving it outside on your back porch. And when possible, try enjoying your breakfast or an evening dinner on your outdoor patio. This allows you to benefit from the fresh air, sounds of nature and beautiful natural scenery that all work together to help you de-stress

They key here is to take normal daily activities and move them outdoors, so you’re reaping the benefits of being outside in your daily life.

You’ll Have a Better Attention Span

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps those that have a poor attention span. Natural environments are said to be “restorative” for the mind and a walk outside can go a long way to clear your head and focus your thoughts during the day. 

You’ll Have Healthier Eyes

Whether you’re a student in school or an adult in the workforce, many of us spend hours in front of computer screens, which causes numerous problems for our eyes such as:

  • Nearsightedness is on the rise: we spend too much time focusing on things right in front of us without giving our eyes a chance to focus on things in the distance.
  • Dry Eyes: using a computer involves intense concentration on a certain area that can lead to eye strain and dryness.