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Is Your Luggage Too Heavy or Full for the Return Trip?

Is Your Luggage Too Heavy or Full for the Return Trip?

Many of the things that we pack for a vacation get used up before the return trip home. For example, certain toiletries and non-reusable hygienic items as well as any food or drink. That said, even if throwing out such things lightens your suitcase, we tend to also acquire new things when we travel. Thus, you may find yourself stuck for space and needing to leave something behind.

But what?

What to Take out of Your Suitcase or Backpack

Donatable Goods

Some items that you bring on vacation are single-serving but also non-disposable. A common example is books. When travelling, books can be cumbersome—especially hardcovers. If you finish one on vacation and care little about adding it to your home collection, then you can donate it to a local school or library for others to enjoy.


If you’d rather not leave any clothes behind, then you can always wear additional layers during your transit days. Although uncomfortable—especially in warm climates—putting on an extra shirt or two could free up enough space to fit everything inside your suitcase.


If you’ve purchased goods for other people, save yourself the step once home and ship the souvenirs directly to their addresses. While this approach does cost money, it prevents you from having to toss out anything that you purchased or brought on vacation.

Overage Charges

As aforementioned, you can always ship items to yourself or others; but if your suitcase can fit everything, then you should first calculate the difference between shipping and paying overage charges at the transit terminal. It may be worthwhile to just bring a bag that’s too heavy and pay a fee.