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How to Deal with Loud Hotel Guests in the Next Room

How to Deal with Loud Hotel Guests in the Next Room

Hotels enforce quiet hours so that all guests can enjoy a restful night. Sometimes, though, guests ignore the rules and make noise well past midnight, disturbing everyone else on the floor. If you find yourself next to noisy neighbours, know that you have options.

Drown Out the Noise

If you’d rather avoid conflict, simply drown out your neighbours by turning on the television or putting headphones over your ears. That said, you also have neighbours and making additional noise may disturb others in the same way.

Call Front Desk

Front desk can dispatch security to deal with noise complaints. Before calling for help, though, consider the nature of the noise. For instance, a crying baby or obnoxious snoring cannot really be helped, so what will complaining achieve? Conversely, barking dogs, parties, shouting and loud intimate moments are valid complaints.

If you don’t want to get your neighbours in trouble, you can always request a room change.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

We don’t recommend confronting your neighbours—it’s a bit of a safety issue—but you may feel the urge to march over to their door or pound on the wall. While this may shut them up, it could also make matters worse. For instance, if breaking up a party, you might make the partiers rowdier by interrupting their fun. Because you don’t know the full situation, it’s best to call someone equipped to deal with unruly guests.

Report an Incident to the Police

If you cannot sleep because of something you believe to be illegal activity, call the authorities. Examples include physical fights, domestic disputes and drugs (i.e. toking up indoors).