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Long Distance Relationship Help for Frequent Travellers

Long Distance Relationship Help for Frequent Travellers

Does business take you to obscure places around the world? Or maybe the travel bug has bitten you and you crave adventure, big experiences and new scenery. Either way, maintaining a relationship can feel impossible. After all, most couples see each other multiple times a week—if not daily. So what can you do to keep your relationships from falling apart every time you travel?

Before getting to our advice on long-distance relationships, consider the positives. If you can avoid feelings of obsession and depression, there is a lot to gain. For instance, the reassurance that your relationship can survive absolutely anything. Likewise, you will never receive a better opportunity to improve your communication.

Tip #1: Don’t Try Too Hard

Occasionally, people in long-distance relationships feel they must compensate for the time apart by talking more. While this may work for some couples, it might make the relationship feel cumbersome. Being possessive turns the distance into a negative and can take away from otherwise great experiences both of you could enjoy independently.

Tip #2: Lay Down the Rules

Long-distance relationships require strong communication, meaning you need to discuss your expectations. That way no one gets hurt or surprised. The biggest discussion should be on exclusivity—are either of you free to see other people?

Regarding the ground rules you set, always avoid dangerous situations. This means anything that could compromise the trust. For instance, if your buddies want to go to a club and that makes your partner uncomfortable, there can be no sneaking around. Once the trust has been violated, the relationship fails.

Tip #3: Bring Him or Her along When You Can

As much as travel offers opportunities to grow independently, it can also strengthen the bond between two people when shared. Thus, invite your partner along—even on business trips—whenever possible. Exploring new places together can reinvigorate a strained relationship. Plus it demonstrates that you actually miss and care about the person while you’re away.