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Learning to Wake Up More Promptly

Learning How to Wake Up More Promptly

We all love our sleep and having to get out of bed can be a real struggle for so many of us. Although sleeping in may be the more desirable option, there are numerous benefits to getting up early and getting the day started. The following are benefits of waking up early:

  • Gives you time to make a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many of us skip it. 
  • Promotes mental health by preventing you from rushing and creating more time for self-care. Early risers have more time to get in a morning workout, perform yoga or read a good book before getting the day started. 

So, not only do early risers set themselves up for better productivity but this habit also promotes positive physical and mental health, by reducing stress and fostering a more positive attitude leading into your day. 

Tips for Waking Up More Promptly

Now that we’ve established that waking up promptly, opposed to sleeping in, has its benefits, how do we actually wake up?

Strategically Place Your Alarm Clock

If you utilize an alarm clock to get up in the morning, consider it’s positioning in your room. This small detail is an important factor in considering how successful you’ll be at getting in the morning. 

Placing your alarm clock far away from your bed means you’ll have to physically get up to turn it off, opposed to just reaching over and hitting a button. By placing your alarm clock further from your bed, you force yourself to get out of the bed, which helps to wake you up in the process. 

Use an Alarm Clock the Lights Up

Instead of being woken up by an annoying, unpleasant buzzing sound why not be woken up by your own mini sunrise. The BioBrite Sunrise Clock, gradually glows brighter and brighter, as if you have your own mini light. This can be a more pleasant way of waking up, over loud noises.

Avoid Drinking Caffeine or Alcohol the Night Before

Alcohol and caffeine are slow to work their way through your system, which prevents your body from sleeping well. So, to get a good night’s sleep and not wake up tired, avoid caffeinated drinks or alcohol the night before.