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Learn How to be Successful with Your New Years Resolutions!

Learn How to be Successful with Your New Year's Resolutions!

2018 has just begun and for many, this means New Year’s resolutions! With 2017 in the books, the start of the New Year can be a valuable time to reflect on the year gone past and set realistic goals for the next one. If you’re an individual who believes in having New Year’s resolutions, the following is valuable advice, to ensure you achieve yours in 2018!

Set Clear Goals

If your goals aren’t clear to you, then you’ll have a hard time working towards it and recognizing when it has been achieved. Also, lacking a clear goal prevents you from forming a proper plan to achieve the goal. For instance, if your plan is to travel more this year, set certain numbers of trips you’d like to take and determine actual travel destinations, opposed to just saying, “I want to travel more.”

Recognize the Purpose of Your Goals

In addition to setting clear goals, set goals with purpose. A goal without purpose is pointless, so, make sure you know why achieving this specific goal is so important. Goals with true purpose and meaning behind them will create a stronger sense of purpose in you and keep you motivated when times get tough. 

Track Your Performance

Just like creating the initial goal, it’s crucial to track your progress. Not only does tracking progress help us to see how much of our journey has been completed, it’s also a huge part of keeping us motivated along the process of achieving our end goal. So often, when working towards large goals, it can feel as though we’re never going to get there. Tracking your progress allows you to celebrate small victories along the way!

Don’t Let Others Set Goals for You

It’s your life, so, make sure you’re the one living it! Below are reasons why setting your own goals is so important:

  • There’s no sense of ownership and likely much less commitment to the goal when you haven’t set it yourself.
  • Someone else can set a goal they believe you can achieve but you yourself may not have confidence in. And if you lack belief in the goal, you are much more likely to quit when adversity strikes.