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Learn How to Be a More Spontaneous Traveller

Learn How to Be a More Spontaneous Traveller

We all love to get away and explore a new place, but do you find yourself following a strict plan that leaves you moving from one activity to the next? Although having a travel itinerary is important, leaving some unplanned room for random activities adds spontaneity to your travels.  Here are four tips to add spontaneity to your trip. 

Have Unplanned Days

Unplanned days are great as they give you the opportunity to just wander around your destination. You have the opportunity to explore places that interest you and potentially do activities you’d never considered doing or just visit places you had no prior knowledge of.

Limit Yourself to One major Attraction a Day

Sometimes, in our pursuit to see as much of a destination as possible, we cram more activities into a day than we can really see. Placing limits on how much you plan to visit allows you to get a more enriching experience at each attraction and still have time left over to just explore the area or other shops or things of interest you may have noticed.

Go All Out with the Activities You Do Participate In

One benefit to limiting how many activities you do in one day is it allows you to spend more time at each activity. Whether you’re going hiking, canoeing or visiting a historical site, take the opportunity to explore it fully and have fun.

Plan How You Will Spend Your Time Once Arriving at the Destination

Things are always different at a travel destination than when you researched the location beforehand. Upon arrival, you may see places of interest on your ride to the hotel, opposed to just what websites and guidebooks have suggested. Figuring things out once you’re there can open you up to more fulfilling travel destination and getting a better appreciation for a place’s culture and not just the tourist attractions.