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Learn Healthy Dining Tips for Eating Out

Learn Healthy Dining Tips for Eating Out

Restaurants are great for enjoying a quality meal, prepared by professional chefs, in atmospheres that promote social interaction. Whether it’s the celebration of a loved one’s birthday, for a family gathering or just a spur of the moment decision to go out for a meal, restaurant dining is something many of us look forward to. 

Unfortunately, in our excitement and desire to enjoy a culinary masterpiece, we often overlook the impact that eating out can have on our health. To enjoy restaurant dining and ensure you’re making positive diet choices for your health, utilize the dining tips below next time you eat out!

Get Creative and Make Your Own Salad Dressing

If you’re trying to eat clean, it’s a good idea to avoid salad dressing at restaurants, as the ingredients won’t necessarily be disclosed. Through these dressings, you can consume vinegar, sugar or gluten. All things you’re likely trying to avoid on a diet. 

Read the Menu Online

To optimize convenience and customer service, many popular restaurants display their menu online. Use this to your advantage and read over your meal options prior to going. 

Looking at the menu online allows you to pre-plan your meal but also lets you know if there aren’t options that align with our diet plan and that you should explore another restaurant. 

Start with a Salad

Start your restaurant dining experience with a salad is awesome for controlling your portion sizes throughout the rest of the meal. Having this healthy source of fiber at the beginning, helps you feel fuller, which reduces the number of calories you’ll consume later on. 

Be Aware of Key Words

Even if a restaurant’s menu doesn’t include the calories in their meals and drinks, there are keywords to be aware of that indicate a high-calorie count.  Entrees or meals described with words like creamy, buttery, breaded or smothered, are likely high-calories options.