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Laundry on Vacation: Where Can I Wash My Clothes?

Laundry on Vacation

To save room in the suitcase, many people bring clothes that they can reuse or clean. While laundry is not usually a priority on vacation, it can simplify packing. Should you choose to freshen clothes away from home, here are four easy ways to do so.

Hotel Laundry Room

Some hotels offer pick-up laundry services or provide facilities for guests to wash their clothes. Either way, this makes cleaning on vacation easy—just leave time aside in the morning or evening to get it done. When hotels offer such amenities, guests benefit from not needing their own cleaning materials like detergent, too.

Hotel Guest Room

When hotels do not have cleaning facilities, you can use the sink or bathtub as a temporary wash basin. To dry, hang your clothes in the closet (with the door ajar) or from the shower curtain rod. Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer or hang on the balcony. If the room does not have baloney access, open a window and hang the clothes nearby the incoming breeze.


All cities have laundromats; some even operate 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, laundromats can consume a full afternoon or evening. When travelling, every day counts—so this option is not ideal. Likewise, you need to bring your own supplies and, most likely, you did not pack detergent in your suitcase.

Aloksak Bag

The Aloksak, a heavy-duty Ziploc bag known for its durability and waterproofness, is an easy solution for travellers looking for a quick wash of clothes. It doubles as a laundry hamper for storing used clothes, too. Simply fill this bag with water, add detergent, shake or stir vigorously and then soak. You can empty the water and rinse before hanging the clothes to dry.

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