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Keys to Taking Great Photos in Fall

Keys to Taking Great Photos in Fall

Fall is truly a spectacular season. As nature transitions from summer to winter, we get to enjoy the incredible display of beauty this season offers before plunging into the freezing temperatures of winter. And for those that love to capture the world in images, fall arguably provides the best backdrop for your photos. Below, are suggestions for how to take great photographs in fall!

Don’t Rule Out Overcast Days: If you’re thinking of saving your photography for clearer skies, you may want to think again.  Overcast skies provide more contrast against brightly coloured foliage and make them appear even more saturated.

Remember, Wind is Your Friend: Strong winds are common during this season and can make getting a clear shot very difficult; however, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Try embracing any movement in your environment to produce a motion-blurred image.

Incorporate Different Angles: When trying to take creative pictures of natural landscapes in the fall, taking your shots from different angles goes a long way. Consider snapping a shot from hidden pathways, trailheads or main roadways to capture the beauty of fall in different ways. 

Focus on a Single Object: Sometimes it really is about quality not quantity. Instead of trying to fit as much as possible into a shot, opt to focus on a single object. This could be a leaf floating in a puddle a rock with a unique texture of pattern. Whatever it is you focus on, make sure to capture the fine details that will give your image detail and texture.