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How to Keep Your Cash and Cards Safer on Vacation

How to Keep Your Cash and Cards Safer on Vacation

All sorts of people can blend into a crowd, which makes high-trafficked areas like airports and markets dangerous. When wading through those people, it’s easy for one to slip a hand into your pocket or cut the strap off your bag undetected. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to be aware and plan for such high-risk environments.

Divide Your Money

Never keep all your assets in one place, regardless if that means on your person or back at the hotel. Separating your cash, cards and cheques ensures one thief cannot wipe you clean. Of course, for this strategy to work, you will also need to show some creativity. For instance, stash cash in unexpected places like pill bottles.

Wear Your Valuables

These days, there are various under-clothing accessories you can buy to conceal goods. From money belts to hollow shoe soles, you can put your money in places inaccessible to passersby. If you carry a purse or pack, then make sure to pick durable materials. For instance, slash-proof fabric or lockable zippers.

Carry a Fake Wallet

To protect the valuables in under-clothing accessories, carry a fake a wallet to divert a potential thief’s attention. He or she is less likely to suspect you’re hiding goods if he or she can see the wallet in plain sight. Don’t carry anything in here except some deactivated cards and a small amount of cash. While you might not want to lose any money, it’s important to use this wallet in case a pickpocket is watching.

Make Copies of Your ID and Travel Documents

Should you lose your ID or travel documents, you will need to rely on duplicates for the remainder of your trip. Keep these with a friend or family member back home who can send them to you electronically in emergencies. Likewise, print off multiple copies of reservation forms and passes (i.e. plane tickets) in case you lose the original and have no time to produce a secondary version.