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Jump into Spring with Horseback Riding

Jump into Spring with Horseback Riding

With Spring weather fast approaching, the time has come to get back outdoors and start enjoying the rising temperatures. For many, the warmer weather is a much-needed push to get outside and go for a walk or jog. But what about using the beginning of this season to learn a new activity, like horseback riding! Horseback riding is a great way to stay fit, enjoy nature and experience the beauty of horses. Below, are three reasons why you should consider horseback riding this Spring.

Interacting with Horses

All animals are unique in their own way and one-on-one interaction with a horse can’t be equated to that of a dog or cat. Horseback riding provides the opportunity to experience horses for the magnificent creatures they are and witness their own personalities firsthand.

Spending Time in Nature

In addition to experiencing the physical power and grace of a horse firsthand, horseback riding is also a great way to enjoy time in nature. With the Spring season in motion, leaves are returning to trees and colour is coming back to nature’s landscape. Taking to nature trails enables you to feel the air, smell the surrounding vegetation and just appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. 

Improving Body Awareness

Body awareness is essential to horseback riding as you’re tasked with navigating a one-ton animal with the use of your limbs. Very few other activities will engage your arms, legs and core in the same way, as well as build on your sense of balance (to keep you upright and properly positioned on the horse).

If you’re interested in trying out horseback riding for yourself this Spring, come visit Wagonwheel Ranch in Sudbury. The ranch offers:

  • Year-round horseback riding tours;
  • Children’s birthday party packages;
  • School visits;
  • And even corporate events and parties. 

Click here to check out Wagonwheel Ranch’s website.