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Is Your Winter Travel Wardrobe Prepared?

Is Your Winter Travel Wardrobe Prepared?

With frigid temperatures, snow-covered ground and dry air, many find being outdoors in the winter unpleasant. But, with proper planning and the right wardrobe, winter is a wonderful season to get out and explore!

So, is your wardrobe winter ready? If you’re unsure what good winter attire looks like, we’ve laid it out for you below!

High-Quality Sunglasses

Proper eye protection, from the sun, is needed just as much in the winter as the summer. When snow blankets the ground, harmful UV rays reflect off of it and back towards our eyes. Good sunglasses will prevent these rays from damaging your eyes.

Wool Cap or Beanie

When trying to preserve body heat, keep your head covered is essential. Most of our body heat escapes through our heads and having a good wool cap or beanie will help keep your head insulated and retain body heat. 

Look for Certain Materials

Silk is very warm and easily compressed, which makes it a good packing item. Silk scarfs are great to keep off the chill and still be fashionable. Another great material for retaining heat is wool. This material is used to make socks, scarves, sweaters, hats and more! opting for wool clothing helps keep you toasty warm on those cold days. 

Just like how there are certain materials you want to bring, there are also materials to leave at home. When possible, avoid cotton, as it absorbs water instead of repelling it. For instance, when traversing through snow, cotton socks will likely leave your feet cold and wet. Opt for wool socks instead. Also, avoid jeans if possible. With tights underneath, they can do ok for city use in the cold; however, they’re not great for outdoor activities like hiking. Jeans aren’t waterproof, which means they can get soaked if it snows or rains. They also take longer to dry, opposed to waterproof articles of clothing.