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Is Your Dog Happy and Healthy?

Is Your Dog Happy and Healthy?

Much like with humans, exercise is essential to a happy and healthy dog. Without adequate daily physical stimulation, not only will your dog’s physical condition suffer but his mental condition will as well. It’s through different activities and visiting different places that your dog is exposed to new sights, smells and sounds.


Hiking can be an intense form of physical activity; however, if you and your dog are up to the task, it can be very rewarding. When hiking always ensure you are properly equipped. Bringing water for you and your pooch is very important to stay hydrated, especially in hotter temperatures. A first aid kit is also very important on a hike, it enables you to patch up small injuries until you can get help.

An important consideration, prior to taking your dog on a hike, is how balanced your dog is. When hiking you may come in contact with other dogs and people and it’s important your dog interacts appropriately in these settings.


Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, as it engages their entire body physically but places little to no pressure on their joints. Swimming is also a great activity to target cardiovascular development and build up endurance in your dog.

Breed Focused Activities

Breed plays a big role in determining what activities your dog will take to. For instance, some dogs were bred strictly for the purpose of retrieving items. In this scenario, fetch may be a great game to play with your dog. On the other hand, some breeds were meant to track a scent and would be better stimulated by exploring different trails outside, opposed to chasing after a ball.

To find the best activities to physically stimulate your pup, consider looking into the breed history and what they were bred to do.

Sudbury is home to awesome outdoor parks and landscapes that give you and your dog a vast selection of space and trails to explore!