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Immersing Yourself amongst the Local Population

Immersing Yourself amongst the Local Population

Visiting major landmarks and tourist attractions is a great way to see the grander parts of a city; however, they often fail to deliver the unique personal feel every city offers.

Experiencing travel destinations through the eyes of a local is a concept more and more travellers are trying to achieve. The next time you visit a new city or country, consider these four tips to better experience the local culture, people and entertainment.

Use Public Transportation

Taking the bus may not lead to incredible conversation; however, it allows you to observe residents of the area in their daily routine and provides a better sense of what a normal day in a certain location looks like.

Visit Local Arts and Entertainment Listings

As fun as guidebook attractions can be, they’re mostly filled with other tourists. To get a sense of how city residents would spend their free time, check local newspapers for upcoming local events such as shows or concerts. These opportunities better submerse you in the city’s culture and interact with local people.

Seek out Your Hobbies

We all have our areas of interest. Whether you’re into musical theatre, art, sports or enjoying the delicious food and fun atmosphere of a quality bar and grill, visit environments that cater to your interests and you’ll find yourself in the presence of others that share the same interests as you.

Venture Off the Well-Worn Path

Sometimes the best way to experience a travel destination is just wandering through streets. Removing yourself from “touristy spots” can mean smaller crowds, shorter lines and the ability to explore local shops and even have conversations with people.

The opportunity to travel is not something that everyone gets to experience. If travelling is in your plans for this summer, utilize these pieces of advice to make the most of your trip.