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Rainy Day Activities: Ideas for Bad-Weather Vacations

Ideas for Bad-Weather Vacations

Waking up to rain on vacation is an unpleasant surprise for many. Depending on your plans, it could spoil the entire day. That said, a little wetness needn’t ruin the trip! There are plenty of indoor activities to joyfully pass the time regardless where you are.

Visit Local Indoor Attractions

Sightseeing can happen indoors too. Most cities promote local attractions like museums, galleries, science centres and more. These places can help you connect more deeply with the local community and history. You can spend a full rainy day there, learning and marvelling at the exhibits.

Go to the Theatre

Research local arts and cultural events to discover plays, musicals and concerts running that day. Even if you’ve never heard of the headliner, cast or narrative, keep an open mind!

Hit the Mall

Use the rain as an excuse to get some vacation shopping done. Whether this means hunting for souvenirs or buying a book to read indoors, you can pass time in the different shops and boutiques around the city.

Do Something Involving Water

Who cares about the rain if you were planning to get wet anyway? Go down to the lake for a swim or hop in a boat to do some fishing. After all, rainy conditions make for excellent fishing expeditions!

Talk to Friends Back Home

Call your friends on Skype or over the phone to catch up. If you can’t get a hold of anyone, write them an email, social media message or postcard instead.

Workout in the Gym

Many of us overindulge on vacation, so take the rain as an opportunity to burn off some of the weight! You can enjoy other leisure amenities like pools and spas too.