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How to Travel with Gifts During the Holidays

How to Travel with Gifts During the Holidays

When travelling during the holidays, it can be tricky to pack all the gifts that you need to bring with you from point A to point B. Not only do they need to get there safe, but there also needs to be room to pack them efficiently. That’s why we have put together 4 tips to travelling with gifts this holiday season so you can deliver a gift to everyone on your list!

Use a Hard Shell Suitcase

Hard shell suitcases are great for protecting any valuable gifts that you may be packing. Not only will it keep them safe during the travelling process, but the shape of the suitcase can also make packing much more efficient than having to pack a bunch of oddly-shaped gifts into a car or bag.

Protect Breakable Items

Even in a hard shell suitcase, you can never have too much protection for gifts that are especially breakable or fragile. A way to keep these gifts extra safe in a suitcase is to wrap them in clothing or protective wrap that will make sure they don’t take any bumps during the moving process.

Bring Extra Wrapping Paper

Even if you’ve wrapped all your gifts beforehand, sometimes the wrapping can get damaged or come undone in the process of travelling. Having extra wrapping paper on hand will allow you to make any adjustments or touch ups to gifts that may need it upon arriving at your destination.

Consider Travel-Friendly Gifts

While sometimes the perfect gift in mind isn’t necessarily travel-friendly, if you are stuck between two options and one will be much easier to travel with, go with that one. Gifts that are still great to give and easy to travel with include gift cards and any small, durable gifts that are less likely to get broken in the moving process.