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How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Have you ever had your vacation ruined by a cold? Travelling to different locations can expose our bodies to germs and bacteria that we are not immune to.

“So what are some of the ways to stay healthy on vacation,” you ask?

 Get Proper Rest

Yes, vacation is the time to break free of your daily cycle, but try not to compromise your bedtime too much. Your body needs proper sleep to function properly. This includes your immune system. Also, if you are travelling through multiple time zones, you are susceptible to experiencing jetlag once you reach your vacation destination. Taking time to get proper rest helps to ensure your immune system is functioning at full strength and to minimize the effects of jetlag.

Wash Your Hands

This is at home as well but vacation just increases the need for this action. Since our hands are one of the primary ways we interact with the world, they come in contact with a lot of bacteria. Washing your hands prior to each meal and after going to the bathroom are absolute musts.

If travelling to different locations or engaging in different activities, wash your hands sporadically throughout the day. This will minimize how much bacteria you come into contact with.

 Keep Active

If you already enjoy an active lifestyle make sure to carry it over into your vacation time. For those who aren’t normally active, use your vacation as an opportunity to have fun and burn a couple extra calories at the same time. Many hotels provide you with gym access, providing you with space and equipment to continue your workout regime. For those of you who may not enjoy the gym, pack a comfortable pair of running shoes and enjoy a brisk walk or hike in nature trails or go for a swim in the hotel pool or local lake. Exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym; engage along activities that elevate your heart rate and get you moving!

Make Probiotics a Part of Your Diet

Prior to leaving for your trip: Start including probiotics–healthy bacteria–in your diet. You can increase your intake of probiotics through both food and supplements, to ensure you are getting a healthy dose. Increasing your intake of probiotics can help minimize bloating and diarrhea while on your trip.

Trips are all about fun! Don’t let illness sideline you from having a good time. These tips will help keep your body going strong no matter where you your travels take you.