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How to Pack Your Suitcase in 30 Minutes

How to pack your suitcase in 30 minutes

Do You Have the Right Suitcase?

Consider the duration of your trip and how much space you will need. For shorter trips, a small carry-on bag is a better alternative to larger, bulkier luggage. If your trip is for a longer period of time, larger suitcases are a better choice. When choosing the right suitcase for you, also consider what type of traveller you are. Do you enjoy collecting souvenirs and memorabilia? If so, larger suitcases leave more space for those items on the return trip.

Have Convenience Items Pre-Prepared

Before beginning the packing process, it pays to have items such as a toiletries bag or travel-friendly containers. An ideal toiletries bag is plastic and waterproof–to contain potential spills. Travel-friendly containers are very useful for packing items such as jewellery. 

Lay Everything Out Prior to Packing

Having all your travel items spread out on your bed enables you to spot potentially missing items. Also, seeing all travel items helps you determine the best means to pack everything. With folded items, like clothes, placing layers of tissue between each clothing item reduces the amount of wrinkles your clothes will get.

Layer Your Suitcase

Layering assists in maximizing suitcase space and makes unpacking at the intended destination much more efficient. Implement this three-layer system to optimize the available space.

Bottom Layer: The bottom layer consists of rolled items. These include shorts, light towels or pants.

Middle Layer: The middle layer is comprised of any fragile items (i.e., perfume bottle) you may have. Putting your delicate items in the middle provides them with a lot of cushioning and minimizes the chances of anything getting damaged.

Top Layer: Folded items make up your top layer. For example, your shirts would be packed on the top layer. Also, when packing, alternate between a shirts neck and hem to keep the layer even and prevent the clothes from bunching.


Packing doesn’t have to be a hassle! Implement these tips to efficiently fill your suitcase.