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How to pack Smarter

Are you out of space packing for a trip or have you arrived at a destination only to find that you forgot something important? Inefficient packing can leave you with a disorganized, heavy suitcase to pull around. Here are tips to optimize your available luggage space and ensure you don’t forget important items.  

Roll Don’t Fold

With the minimal space a suitcase offers, rolling clothes reduces the space they occupy in your suitcase. This leaves additional room for other belongings.

Make a List

Consider your destination and then make a practical list of the essentials required for your trip. Craft this list approximately a month in advance so that you have adequate time to gather items.

Don’t Ever Check Essential Items

Always make sure to include the essentials–passport, wallet, electronics, jewelry–in your carry-on bag. Essential items are anything with immense personal value and would derail your trip if you were to lose them. Including these items in your carry-on bag means that if your luggage was lost, you would still have your most important valuables.

Use Packing Aids

Packing aids help use space more efficiently. Packing cubes are an example of packing aids that help space limitations. These cubes are used to pack clothes or toiletries proficiently.

Don’t Forget Your Must-Haves

Sometimes little things make the largest difference. When travelling, here are little things with a big impact.

  • Ear Plugs: Noise can be an issue on planes as well as at hotels. Whether a crying baby is on your flight or the people in the neighbouring room don’t seem to want to sleep, ear plugs reduce noise intake and can go a long way to improving your night’s sleep.
  • Eye Mask: Travelling has a way of messing up our sleeping schedules. If you’re trying to get some rest on a plane or in a hotel but the sun is making that difficult, an eye mask can help you get that much-needed rest.
  • Compression Socks: Also, with the extended period spent sitting on a plane, compression socks are good for maintaining healthy blood circulation. This prevents serious issues such as blood clots.