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How to pack smart while traveling with kids

It is great to have your kids with you when you travel; this surely opens their eyes to a lot more. Well, when kids are with you, you need to be more prepared because as we all know they have special needs and we have to respond to such needs. With the tips provided below, it would surely help you get yourself prepared for the entire travel.

Here’s a list of the most useful things you must carry with you:

– Band-Aids
– Antiseptic hand gel
– Small tissue packs
– Sun screen
– Dr.’s phone numbers
– Tylenol – children’s & adults
– A rubber door stop – this can provide extra security for a hotel room door
– Small plug in nightlight or a mini torch – to help find the bathroom in the middle of the night
– Zip lock bags (collecting shells, storing food, wet clothes)

Then there are things for activities you could enjoy together, or to just keep them busy.

– Mechanical pencils
– Crayons
– Highlighter – good for word search games
– Paper
– Deck of cards

Apart from the lists above there are several things you may want to keep handy:

– Hats/Visors
– Sunglasses
– Light weight wind breaker
– Umbrella
– A photo of your child
– Extra copy of photo ID, travel reservations, airline tickets

With these pointers in mind, you are ready for the thrill and fun of travel.