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How to Pack for Winter Travel

How to Pack for Winter Travel

As we move further into November, the weather is starting to get colder with winter not too far ahead. Winter travel can be tons of fun, but it’s important to pack wisely so that you’re ready to take on the cold! We’ve put together some tips to help you pack for winter travel and enjoy your trip no matter the weather!

Layer Up

When it comes to the cold, the best way to stay comfortable and keep warm is to layer up your clothing. Layering can be tricky when preparing for your trip due to the space it can take up in your bags. To pack as efficiently as possible, try to bring quite a few thin pieces of clothing rather than a bunch of thick ones. The thin clothing will fold much better and save you tons of room while still being able to wear layers.

Wear Your Jacket There

Winter jackets are often big and very difficult to fold, taking up tons of precious room in your luggage. If you wear your winter jacket on the way to your destination, you’ll save tons of space that can be used for the layers mentioned earlier! Even if it isn’t too cold on the day you leave, still throw on your jacket so that you can bring along more layers in your bags that will be useful on the colder days of the trip.

Keeping your Feet Warm

Toes and feet can quickly become cold and be the cause of discomfort, especially if you’re doing a good amount of walking on your trip. A way to tackle this problem is to pack thick, fuzzy socks that will keep in the heat. You can also double these up by packing a few pairs of thin socks to wear underneath the thicker ones. To top it off, wear insulated winter boots so that you will never have to worry about cold feet on your trip!