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How to Overcome the Language barrier

Human interaction is an essential part of our daily lives, no matter where in the world you are. In fact, while on vacation, you may find that interacting with the locals adds a new element of fun and adventure to your vacation. It’s always cool to see the different customs and variations in cities and countries across the globe.

One issue that often prevents people from exploring and interacting with locals is language.  When we don’t all speak the same language, trying out new restaurants or meeting new people can be difficult. Don’t let language barriers deter you from making your next trip happen.

Learn a Few Key Phrases

Learning the basics can take you pretty far in another country. You’ll want to at least know basic phrases like:

  • Hello,
  • Goodbye,
  • Please and thank you.

This short list may seem overly simplistic but it can go a long way in conveying the basic respect that is appreciated no matter where in the world you go.

Don’t Underestimate Hand Gestures

For some this may be a bit uncomfortable, but who cares: you’re vacation in another country! Hand gestures can be an effective way of expressing yourself and your need in the moment. Don’t worry if the locals find a bit of humour in this. Vacation is a time to not take yourself too seriously and the people around you will appreciate it.

Take Classes

If you are planning for an extended stay in another country, taking classes can be a great way to become more fluent in a language and give you more independence once you’ve reached your destination.