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How to Make Time For a Vacation

How to make time for a vacation

Do you perceive vacation as a luxury or for those that have free-time? This perception could not be more wrong.

We all need to recharge our battery and clear our minds of life’s stresses. Not taking the time for relaxation can lead to more mistakes on the job and poorer health. Vacation isn’t time wasted, it’s time invested into connecting with loved ones and just unwinding.

How Do I Make Time for and Enjoy a Vacation?

For many of us, we feel so much pressure to perform at the office, taking a vacation just seems crazy.

Be Proactive at Work: Being proactive with your work can be a great way to minimize any stress or anxiety you feel, when it comes time to leave the office.

Drop Everything For at Least Two Weeks: A real break requires that you have enough time to unwind, engage in activities that are important to you and spend time with those you love.

Eliminate Or at Very Least Limit Your Contact: Is just the thought of not checking your work email enough to stress you out? Inform your boss and colleagues of your upcoming vacation and that you’ll have limited access to your email or cellphone. Don’t be afraid to say you’ll only be checking emails a couple times a week.

Leave Your Devices at Home: So, you’re all excited for your vacation and packing your favourite travel items and it comes time to include all your electronic devices. You may not like this news but electronic devices have a tendency keep you tied to your “real life” and can pull your attention away from those around you. 

Vacation is an important part of optimizing yourself as an individual. So, for those who haven’t taken a vacation in recent years, make this summer your time for a break!