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How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Experience

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Experience

When taking a trip, your hotel experience can have a pretty significant weight on what you make of the trip as a whole. So, don’t let your trip be ruined by a poor hotel experience. When booking your next hotel, use this advice to have an awesome experience and enjoy your accommodations to the fullest. 

Don’t Settle

When booking your hotel room, don’t back down on key features that you’d like to experience during your stay. These features could include an awesome view, having a room away from the elevator or not being on the first floor. 

To help make sure you’re booking accommodations that you’ll be comfortable with, consider looking at a layout of the hotel prior to booking your room. This helps to conceptualize the hotel space and ensures you’re making the most informed decision on the right room for you. 

Online Reviews

Online reviews can be great ways to gain a better perception of what the stay experience will be like, without actually staying at the hotel. Online reviews give you access to the experiences of those that have stayed in that specific hotel before you. Online reviews can cover important aspects of a guest’s stay, such as customer service, room quality, amenities and much more. 


To ensure the best service possible, consider tipping the custodial staff for high-quality work on your room. This small gesture of kindness goes a long way to getting you extras, such as additional towels or extra pillows, for your room. To better understand tipping etiquette and the scenarios that warrant this gesture, check out our blog on the topic!

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