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How to Hike with Kids

How to hike with kids

Hiking is a great way to get outside and explore the natural scenery that a location has to offer; however, hiking with children creates an entirely new dynamic. So, here is some advice for your next hike with kids.

Choose Trails Carefully

Hiking trails vary in their levels of difficulty. Easy-to-medium trails are a safe way to introduce your kids to hiking without risking their safety or overexerting them.


Rests are critical for preventing your kids from getting exhausted. Brief breaks every 15 minutes or so, give you and the little ones a chance to catch your breath and can also make great picture taking opportunities. Rest points can also be the ideal time to hydrate your body and consume some quick calories, which leads into the next point.

Push Their Limits

When hiking with kids, it’s important to have a set time-frame for your hike; however, as your youngsters get more comfortable on their hikes, slowly push them to go for longer periods of time. This allows them to see what they’re really capable of while building self-confidence as well.

Pack Snacks and Water!

Strenuous activities such as hiking can quickly deplete your energy stores. Snacks and water will provide the fuel to keep you going. They also prevent grumpy children, which can result in a hike being cut short.

Bring a Basic First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, accidents happen. The important thing is being prepared to handle them. Having a first aid kit can prevent you from having to stop your hike from small injuries or at least control the situation until greater assistance arrives.

Dress for the Weather

The right wardrobe can make or break a hike. In colder temperatures, not enough layers will make for a chilly experience and likely result in you cutting your hike short. On the other hand, in the warmer weather too many layers or fabric that doesn’t breathe can cause overheating. Always check the forecast the day of the hike and take into account environmental factors. If your hiking area is prone to mosquitos this time of year, minimizing exposed skin may be wise.