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How to Have an Awesome Hotel Stay with a Toddler

How to Have an Awesome Hotel Stay with a Toddler

Travelling with a toddler can be a daunting task but with preparation and the right knowledge, your trip can be fun and enjoyable for everyone! Here are some tips to have a successful hotel stay with a toddler.

Remember to Always Lock Your Room

The last thing you want is to have your child wandering the halls of your hotel. Keeping your hotel room door locked at all times is an extremely important safety precaution.

Check the Room for Potential Hazards

Room hazards can consist of sharp table edges, curtain cords, wall outlets and even hair dryers. Check the floor miscellaneous items accidentally left on the floor, like safety pins.  Upon entering your hotel room, make sure to thoroughly examine it for such hazards. Implementing safety precautions such as, covering outlets and keeping your bathroom door shut at all times is a great way to avoid potential accidents.

Bring Plastic Cups

Glass drinking cups are most common in hotel rooms. Having your toddler use plastic cups averts potential injuries that could occur from breaking a drinking glass.

Pack a Nightlight

Hotel rooms are designed to provide the best possible sleeping environment and many have thick curtains that do a great job of blocking out any sunlight when it comes time for bed. If your little one finds the room to be a bit too dark, a nightlight can help them feel more comfortable going to sleep and prevent your night sleep from being interrupted.