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How to Be a Good Travel Partner

How to Be a Good Travel Partner

When it comes to travelling, many of us are concerned with finding the perfect travel partner; however, what about being the best travel partner you yourself can be? If we all focus on being the best we can be, the world will be filled with much happier travellers and better people! So, here’s some advice on being the best travel partner you can be.

Take Time for Yourselves

Spending every waking moment together is bound to result in some disagreements. This can be avoided by spending some time apart every now and then. It could be going for a workout in the hotel gym, while your partner has the room to themselves to watch a favourite TV show or just read a book. 

Time apart also allows you both to participate in interests that the other might not share. Not only does this ensure you both get to do the things you like, but it gives you something to talk to your partner about when you reconnect.

Adjust Your Travelling Style

We all have different personalities and interests, which results in varying styles of travel. When travelling with others, it’s important to understand their travel style and be willing to adjust your own style to accommodate them.

Contribute to Planning

Avoid the phrase, ‘whatever you want to do’. If someone is travelling with you, it’s likely because they are interested in what you bring to the trip. Although you may feel as though you’re being easy going and convenient, you’re putting all the planning on the other person. So, don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and suggest activities that you and your travel partner could do.

Play to Your Strengths

This point lends to the previous one on contribution. We all have our unique strengths, so, contribute in those ways! If you’re a skilled photographer, use your skills in that area to take the pictures for the trip.