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How to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation

How to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation

While the winter season is a great time for travelling and taking part in tons of fun activities, it also tends to be a time when many people are sick. That’s why it is important to take all measures possible to avoid catching any bugs on your travels. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how you can stay healthy and feel your best on vacation, even during flu season!

Drink Plenty of Water

When you become dehydrated, the mucous membranes in your airways dry out and become more susceptible to bacteria and germs. To combat this problem, make sure to stay hydrated with lots of water to keep your body healthy and able to stay germ-free.

Wash Your Hands

While this one may seem obvious, washing your hands is vital when it comes to getting rid of germs you pick up and goes double when on vacation. Touching objects, door handles, and railings in public is a subtle yet easy way to spread unwanted bugs, so make sure to wash your hands as often as possible and carry hand sanitizer around with you to kill the germs on your hands wherever you go.

Keep Your Hands Away from your Face

Along with keeping your hands clean, it is important to keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes, and nose. These points of entry are the quickest way to let germs into your body, so keeping your hands away from them will help to prevent any bacteria from entering your body and wreaking havoc on your health.

Health Preparation

Before and during your trip, try to provide your body with everything it will need to fight off germs. This can include eating healthy foods and taking vitamin supplements to leave your body and immune system ready to defend against any sicknesses you can come across on your travels.