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How to Avoid Common Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding is a fun sport to undertake, especially in the ski hills of Sudbury, but there are risks that you need to be aware of. Nothing would be worse than returning from a snowboarding trip with a broken leg or sprained wrist. There are several safety measures you can follow to reduce your risk of an injury.

– Make sure you’re fit to ski. Endurance and leg strength can help in preventing injuries. Warming up and stretching before hitting the slopes is also helpful as it prepares your body for action.

– Wear appropriate clothing, that doesn’t restrict your movement. You don’t want to be all bundled up unable to move freely. If you can’t move then you can’t snowboard properly making the risk of injury high.

– The most common injury for snowboarders is wrist injuries. These injuries occur when you fall during your snowboard run and attempt to catch your fall with your wrist. For this reason, Colles fractures and Scaphoid fractures are common injuries, with around 100,000 wrist fractures worldwide among snowboarders yearly. Snowboarders should wear wrist guards as they significantly reduce the risk of wrist injuries. Head injuries are also common which can lead to serious issues. Helmets are effective in reducing the possibility of minor concussions during low-velocity collisions. Be sure to grab these essentials when shopping for snowboarding.

– If renting equipment, make sure you rent from a reliable store. Ensure that all the equipment fits properly as this will help avoid injuries from loose equipment.

– Another good tip is to use ‘multi-mode’ release bindings. The superior release available in modern bindings is a factor that helps prevent injuries. Rear release boots can reduce the risk of ACL injury. Self-test your bindings every day to ensure that they are able to release and be properly adjusted.

The City of Greater Sudbury operates two ski hills for all ages! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can keep active when the cold weather hits by skiing or snowboarding at our hills. And while you are at it, remember to book your stay with us. Quality Inn Sudbury staff looks forward to welcoming you!