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How Seriously Do You Take Your Environmental Impact

How Seriously Do You Take Your Environmental Impact

Having just celebrated Earth Day this past Sunday, the importance of environmental awareness is still fresh on my mind. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, in over 193 countries, to recognize the magnificent and incredibly complex planet on which we live. With countless ecosystems, the earth is full of unique environments that provide the perfect conditions for the living organisms that call them home. But are you aware of the negative impact we are having on the health of our globe?

Human Impacts on the Environment

 Disappearing Rainforests

Due to pollutions and acts such as deforestation, naturally occurring environments are quickly disappearing. For instance, rainforests used to cover 14% of the earth’s land surface and have been stripped to only 6%. Experts estimate what remains of our rainforests could be consumed in 40 years.

Vanishing Animal Life

Even if you don’t consider yourself an animal person, it’s hard not to marvel at some of the creatures that call earth home. Whether it’s a creepy sea creature that lives in the twilight zone of the ocean or one of the many species that call North America home, many animal reinforce the importance of key principles, such as family structure, respecting nature (as it’s essential to everyone’s existence) and demonstrate many other key values, such as patience. Unfortunately, with habitat loss and pollution, our world is losing up to 137 plants, animal and insect species each day.

And if you’re still wondering why protecting the environment is important, go outside and fill your lungs with fresh air, take your dog for a hike or go for a swim in a lake. These are experiences we want to preserve for future generations and our actions now will determine whether that is possible.

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to say we have taken numerous steps to facilitate environmentally-friendly living in our hotel.

We were awarded the “Room to be Green Level 3 Designation” from Choice Hotels. To achieve this designation, our hotel incorporated:

  • Low-flow toilets in all guest bathrooms;
  • Energy-efficient PTAC units in all guest rooms;
  • Energy-efficient washers and dryers in our laundry department;
  • A vehicle charging station in the parking and much more.

Sudbury is has so much beautiful natural space and our team is doing our very best to reduce our carbon footprint, to help sustain the earth!