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Expedia Identifies How Being a Bad Hotel Guest Looks

Bad Hotel Guest

Expedia, alongside global research firm GfK, surveyed 1,018 American travellers for the 2016 Expedia Hotel Etiquette Study. The company commissions this survey annually to track which features and amenities guests crave most and what behaviors they find off-putting. Interestingly, the top ten worst characteristics of a hotel stayer changed only a bit from last year.

The Ten Most Aggravating Qualities in a Hotel Guest


Inattentive Parents: Cited as the worst grievance two years running—up five percent in popularity—72 percent of respondents believe rowdy children and passive parents to be the worst hotel offender.

Hallway Hellraisers: Sometimes the product of inattentive parents, 69 percent of guests find noisiness in the hallways intolerable. Interestingly, 74 percent of respondents expressed animosity towards such guests last year.

In-Room Revelers: Most guests hate when those hallway hellraisers move into an adjacent room. Up seven percent from last year, 59 percent of respondents abhor noisy neighbours. In fact, 18 percent admitted to requesting a new room because of them!

Complainers: Some people just like to point out the faults in everything. While everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, excessive complaining at the front desk irritates 53 percent of hotel-goers.

Bickerers: Couples fight, but when they do in public it makes everyone else uncomfortable. Apparently, romantic conflicts happen more often in 2016 since 35 percent of guests—nine percent more than in 2015—listed this as a pet peeve.

Indiscreet Lovemakers: When the expression “get a room” just doesn’t work…Whether this means bawdiness or public indecency, it bothers 29 percent of hotel guests—eight percent more than last year.

Poolside Partiers: Hotel pools are family-friendly zones, so when groups get too crazy it disgruntles other swimmers. Up six percent this year, now 28 percent of survey respondents find parties near the pool annoying.

Hot Tub Canoodlers: For all those seeking refuge from the pool party, the hot tub might not be a good place to look. Although not considered indiscreet lovemaking, too much affection in the hot tub upsets 22 percent of people. Frankly, it’s just awkward.

Drunk Business Travellers: Nothing’s wrong with winding down after a stressful day, but 17 percent of guests dislike drunk businessmen and women in the lobby or bar.

Elevator Chatterboxes: It turns out that nine percent—up three from last year—don’t like carrying conversations in the elevator. Perhaps, elevator music has improved in recent years.