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Honeymoon Room Ideas

Congratulations! You have just lived out the happiest, most meaningful day of your life to date—you are officially married. Now you have the pleasure of navigating life with your spouse, and as if things aren’t already amazing, you get to kick off your life together with a honeymoon.

In addition to all the upcoming sightseeing and exploration, we cannot overlook the importance of the honeymoon room. Here are five honeymoon room ideas to keep the romance burning for the duration of your trip.

1. Make Way for Room Service!

Honeymoons are all about relaxing while getting to spend quality time with your spouse. There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy your favorite dessert or breakfast in the comfort of your hotel room. And when you come back from a long day of activities, unwinding back in your room feels incomplete without having room service deliver you a bottle of champagne.

2. Don’t forget the amenities!

There are many reasons to love hotels, but amenities have got to be high on the list. There is nothing better than a putting on a nice comfy robe and slippers following time spent in the bathtub. These features can go a long way in enhancing your overall experience.

3. Custom Touches

Keep in mind this isn’t just your spouse; this should be your best friend and very few people know them as well as you. Take your knowledge of your significant other and use it to create a memorable experience for them.

For example, above we touched on how a nice evening bath in the Jacuzzi can be a great way to unwind in the evenings. What if we added some romantic candles to that bath time? Or when your spouse finishes in the bath, they come out to find chocolates on the bed in the shape of a heart. All the room features in the world cannot replace personal thought!

4. Dinner with a View

Meals have always brought people together. Your honeymoon can be a great way for you and your spouse to enjoy time together while tasting some great meals, featuring cuisine from around the world!

5. Couples Massage

This article would not be complete without discussing couples’ massages. Being treated to a relaxing, regenerating spa session can be an awesome addition to your honeymoon experience and make the whole experience more memorable.

Your honeymoon is an exciting moment and you want to set yourself and your spouse up for great memories. Hopefully, these five tips gave some useful insights as to how to make the most of your honeymoon room!