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Hold Your Next Family Reunion At a Hotel

Has the hassle of planning an upcoming family reunion fallen to you? These events can be stressful to plan and execute–especially if your home is the chosen destination. So, instead of trying to convert your family room couch into a bed and stocking the fridge with enough food to feed a small army, why don’t you take your family reunion to a hotel?


Why a Hotel is Perfect for Your Next Family Gathering


Take Advantage of Group Deals!

For many of us, there can be miles and miles in between relatives. If your family reunion involves out-of-town family, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on the deals offered by hotels.

Some hotels offer special deals only available to group. Holding your family reunion at a hotel can help you capitalize on the following:

  • Special rates offered when booking in blocks of 10 or more.
  • Receive a complimentary room for every 15 rooms sold.
  • Express check-in is also available to groups. This service ensures that your group’s keys are ready and awaiting your arrival.

It’s important to remember that group offerings will vary depending on which hotel you are booking with.

Everything Under One Roof

Another great aspect of hotels is the convenience–so much is offered at one location. Hotels cover your meals with continental breakfast and restaurants to dine. In addition to meals, hotels provide ample space for exercise and fun–with access to a pool and fitness center.

 Let’s Not Forget the Attractions!

An important part of family reunions is participating in fun activities together. Hotels are usually located in the center of a city/town’s urban areas. This can put you in the ideal location if your group is looking to leave the hotel to try restaurants or local attractions. If you’re unsure of which attractions would be the best use of your time, hotels can often help point you in the right direction.