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Has Technology Taken the Adventure out of Travel or Enhanced It?

Has Technology Taken the Adventure out of Travel or Enhanced it?

There was a time when visiting a new location was an entirely new experience. Without endless pictures being shared on Facebook, Instagram and of course Google, travellers relied on guidebooks and their imagination to paint a picture of what their travel destination would be like. Today we have travel blogs outlining the likes, dislikes and recommendations of others and apps to help us make an itinerary or track our travel budget. With so much assistance, has travelling lost the uncertainty and adventurous nature it previously had?

Do You Ever Truly Disconnect?

The whole point of a trip is to get away; however, many of us choose time on our tech over just enjoying the moment. Do you give more energy to posting pictures and videos to your Instagram story than meeting the local people and culture of your travel destination?

With forms of communication, like Whats-app, Facebook messenger, Skype and many more, allowing us to stay connected with those back home our attention is often split with life back home, instead of fully enjoying the beauty of the trip.

Has the Adventure Been Taken out of Travel?

Technology has enabled us to be more prepared travellers and aided us in learning more about travel destinations that we would have otherwise never considered. From finding travel activities that match your travel style to making travel more affordable, technology has definitely broadened our travel horizons and opened doors that many of us probably never even knew existed. 

So, it’s probably not fair to say that technology has decreased the adventurous nature of travel; however, as travellers in this technology-driven era, it’s important to remember to put the tech away and just enjoy new experiences of your trip for what they are and truly be present in the moment!