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Did You Know That Group Travel Can Be a Money-Saver?

Did You Know That Group Travel Can Be a Money-Saver?

Group travel can be arduous to organize, but it can pay off socially and financially. Besides more time with friends or family, there are various websites available to help you secure better travel pricing in groups. That said, you can acquire aggressive discounts by going directly to the business, as you have more buying leverage in person than over an online form.

Private parties can access more attractive travel packages simply because it takes the onus off the business to sell those spaces. Plus, groups tend to spend more collectively. That said, you’ll need to appoint a group leader to make all bookings on each traveller’s behalf. Most places only award the discount when all bookings come in at once; otherwise, there’s no way to verify the full group participates.


Hotels reserve blocks of ten or more rooms at a special discount. Interestingly, research shows that the value of the discount corresponds with the hotel’s star rating. Commonly, high-end hotels offer more attractive group discounts than cheap lodging establishments.


Most major airlines also cater to groups of 10 or more, offering perks like cheaper seating, free upgrades and more. If you visit the airline’s office, there should be a group reservations desk; otherwise, just go online and request a custom quote. Often, the automatic discounts applied through online portals are more conservative than what you can get with a little negotiation.


Restaurants will rarely give discounts unless you present some type of voucher. Groups typically only save on food when they prepare meals in an assembly line fashion. For example, everyone pitches in for sandwiches or purchases a shareable side for a pot-luck-style meal. At the hotel, you may also be able to bargain for discounts on breakfasts and other buffets.