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How to Enjoy the Great Canadian Outdoors on Your Next Vacation

How to Enjoy the Great Canadian Outdoors on Your Next Vacation

A large portion of travel takes place outside. For many, though, the outdoor experience consists only of transiting to known indoor attractions and walking through new neighbourhoods and districts. But, here in Canada, nature itself is a primary attraction. We have some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife, so we encourage travellers to escape from the cities and spend some time on lakes and in parks.

What Do Canadians Like to Do Outside?

The last Households and Environment Survey investigated which outdoor activities Canadians enjoy most. Some ranked activities are more suitable for travellers than others; those requiring special equipment or permits are not easy to arrange. Nevertheless, look at the chart below for a list of popular Canadian outdoor activities.


For activities involving equipment, such as snowmobiling, boating or hunting, inquire with your hotel about any available packages. If not directly run through the hotel, most have local connections with tour groups and adventure businesses to get you started. You’ll find that the easiest equipment-based activities are those with rentable gear like snowboarding and golfing.

If you’d rather keep things low-key, then you can incorporate outdoor activities into your everyday. For instance, jogging in the morning or evening rather than using the on-premise gym. Similarly, you can take your snacks to go and eat them in city parks.

Of course, the weather will not always permit you to enjoy the great outdoors. Here in Canada, our weather ranges from frigid to smouldering, with varying degrees of wetness in between.  Thus, always check the weather and plan your indoor and outdoor activities accordingly.