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Getting to Your Hotel from an Airport or Train Station

Getting to Your Hotel from an Airport or Train Station

If arriving in a new city via plane or train, then you’ll need to organize local transportation to get to your hotel. Some travellers save money by bundling their lodgings, airfare and vehicle rentals; however, for those who do not drive, there are other options. Besides, vehicle rentals come with extra costs like gas and you must search for parking everywhere you go.

Shuttles and Buses

Many airports run shuttles to and from the city core. Some larger hotel chains even offer dedicated shuttles for free. If no such service exists, then you’ll want to investigate local transit.

Before hunting for a bus, get some change for the fare or find a booth to purchase a weekly (or monthly) bus pass. Buying a pass will make it more convenient to take public transit around the city—not to mention, you won’t encumber yourself with pockets full of coins.


Outside of major transportation hubs, you will find a sea of yellow cabs ready for flagging down. If you’re on a tight schedule and would rather not wait for a shuttle or bus, simply waive your hand in the air and secure yourself a cab.

Taxis are a great option for travellers who have yet to familiarize themselves with the city. If you only know the name of your hotel, the driver will get you there without any involvement. Conversely, a bus requires you to research routes and then find the right stops.

As an alternative, you can use your smartphone to order a ride-share. Doing so can save some cash, plus it syncs to your online profile so that you needn’t worry about tipping, currency exchange or even money-handling. If you opt to carpool, you might meet some interesting people too.

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