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Getting the Best Deal on Flights

Getting the Best Deal on Flights

If your trip involves flying to your destination, this can be a significant travel expense. So, what can we do to save on flight costs and allocate more of your travel budget towards enjoying your vacation once you reach your destination?

Find the Best Time

When you purchase your airline tickets plays a huge role in how much they will cost you. Studies have shown that ideal time to purchase domestic flight tickets is seven weeks out and 11 to 12 weeks prior to international flights. Studies have also shown that the worst time for low rates is within 14 days of the flight or too far in advance, such as five months early.

Be Flexible with Flight Dates

Being flexible with your departure dates is another tip for getting cheaper flights. Search a few days to weeks before and after your desired departure date and see if better rates appear. If you are working with a fixed date, try changing the time of the flight. Very early morning flights and flights late at night tend to be less popular and as a result can potentially get you a flight at a cheaper price.

Use Different Airports

If there are multiple airports close to your location, check the flights they have heading out to your travel destination as well. Pricing can vary from airline to airline and you may find better pricing elsewhere.

Take Long Layovers

Flights that have a long layover tend to have a lower price with it. Many flyers can find layovers an annoying inconvenience; however, they can be a handy way to find a cheaper flight. So, look for flights with a long stop on the same ticket.

Exploring different parts of the world is an amazing thing; don’t let a hefty flight cost prevent you from taking awesome trips!