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Getting a Great Sleep Away From Home

Getting a Great Sleep Away From Home

Often when we’re away from home and not in our own bed, getting a good night of sleep can be difficult. We’re used to our bed at home and the unfamiliarity can throw you off. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help you get a great rest and feel refreshed on your vacation!

Stay Off Electronics

The bright artificial light of an electronic, such as our phones and laptops, can interfere with our sleep process at night. The blue light that the screens give off can slow down the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Without it, we have difficulty falling asleep and instead feel awake and alert. Thus, it’s important to put down the phone during the evening to ensure you get a full rest on your trip.

Dress Comfortably

Since you’ll be away from the bed you’re familiar with, make up for it by dressing the same way you would at home. This will help create the feeling of sleeping at home while putting you in the mindset of going to bed!

Bring Earplugs

Sometimes when we’re away, there can be noises and sounds at night that we aren’t used to hearing at home. To cancel out these sounds and help you stay relaxed and in sleep mode, bring a pair of earplugs to put in at night. This way you can fall asleep to peace and quiet and won’t be disrupted by any sounds during the night!

Wind Down

There are many different ways we can relax and wind down before bed. These can include taking a warm shower, drinking caffeine-free tea, or reading a book. Use whichever method works for you in order to wind down from a busy day and get your mind ready for a night of sleep!

At the Quality Inn Sudbury, our rooms are the perfect place to relax and get a great night of sleep so you can feel ready to take on the next day!