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Get in on Sudbury’s Fishing Scene This Summer!

Get in on Sudbury's Fishing Scene This Summer!

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to explore what fishing has to offer, Sudbury is the place to cast your line this summer! With many large bodies of water (e.g. Vermillion River, Ramsey Lake, Murdock River), Sudbury is an angler’s dream city for fishing. Below, are some of the reasons why fishing is such a fulfilling activity: 

Supports Fisheries Management: Angling is an effective tool in wildlife management. It helps to keep certain fish populations in check and prevents them from over-populating the environment. 

Encourages People to Get Active and Outdoors: Another important benefit of fishing is that it get’s you outside and being active. Not only is being active great for your physical fitness, spending time outdoors also has numerous other health benefits that an activity like fishing can help you receive. 

Provides a healthy Source of Food: Wild fish are an excellent, healthy food source. They’re low in fat and cholesterol but rich in protein. 

Offers a Great Opportunity for Social Bonding: Fishing with friends and family offers a great opportunity to connect and enjoy activities together. You’re making memories with the individuals you are fishing with and an experienced angler can interact with those less experienced by mentoring them on how to fish successfully. Furthermore, fishing enables you to enjoy the splendor of nature in the company of others. 

With so many large bodies of water, Sudbury has numerous spots that make for excellent fishing and with the warm weather, it’s time to capitalize on this awesome pastime.