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Get a More Fulfilling Workout out of the Hotel Gym

Get a More Fulfilling Workout out of the Hotel Gym

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration recently investigated how often guests use free amenities like bottled water, Wi-Fi and fitness centres. Surprisingly, usage rates for the gym proved abysmal. Only 22 percent of respondents admitted to using it whereas over half expressed interest in working out. So why the drop off?

The most logical explanation is that vacation time sets in and persuades people to take time off from their usual exercise regimes. Another potential explanation is that hotel gyms do not provide sufficient equipment to complete a regular workout routine. Most come equipped with standard cardio equipment and cabled-weight machines; however, to bodybuilders and athletes, such a setup does not adequately substitute their regular gym.

If you decide against the hotel gym because you want rest, then by all means! But if you shy away from the gym because of its equipment, then you should rethink your vacation workout strategy because there are ample ways to get in a successful workout abroad.

Adjust Your Workout Routine Ahead of Time

If you maintain a split workout routine, one that requires special attention towards different body parts, then you should anticipate hiccups in your routine. If you count on having specific equipment available to you, then you jeopardize your whole weekly routine. It’s better to switch movements prior to going on vacation so that you have some more flexibility. For example, a week focused more on bodyweight exercises and cardio.

Embrace the “Whatever” Workout

Some workout routines become monotonous; they don’t always include movements that you like. For example, a strength building program might include only compound movements (exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups to complete). If so, then you may not get the chance to perform isolated movements like bicep curls on a regular basis. On vacation, though, anything goes—so lump together all those exercises that you miss from your regular routine.