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Fun Facts About Sudbury!

Fun Facts About Sudbury!

Sudbury is an incredible place to live and for those that don’t call this place home, it’s definitely worth a visit. At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to be part of a community that has so much to offer its residents as well as those visiting. Below are some fun facts about Sudbury, see how many of them you know!

Full of Lakes

Sudbury has a total of 330 freshwater lakes in the city. This is more than any other municipality in Canada. Sudbury is also home to Lake Wahnapitae, the largest city-contained lake in the world and Lake Ramsey, which is the second largest. 

Is Bilingual City

Sudbury is home to the third largest Francophone population in Canada outside of Quebec.

Home to a Gigantic Nickel

Sudbury is home to the Big Nickel, an enormous coin standing nine metres (30 ft) high and that has brought the city worldwide recognition. This landmark is located at Dynamic Earth in Sudbury. 

Has a Beautiful Natural Landscape

Sudbury holds its natural landscape in high regard. The city has received numerous awards for its aggressive land reclamation program. The awards include a United Nations Local Government Award and the United States Chevron Award. 

Is a Big City

Greater Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario. The city has a population of 165, 175 and covers an area of 3, 627 sq. km. 

Has a History Rooted in Mining

The largest integrated mining complex in the world, calls Sudbury home, This city has 5000 km of mining tunnels under the Sudbury area.