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How to Make Your Family Trip More Memorable

How to Make Your Family Trip More Memorable


We travel to see more of the world and make memories—preferably good ones. Don’t let poor planning overcome your next family trip and taint a wonderful experience. Always schedule your itinerary, budget and transportation to keep your travels on track. After all, how smoothly the trip goes will influence its enjoyableness.

Involve Your Children in the Decision-Making

Letting your children influence your destination ensures everyone gets to visit somewhere meaningful. If driving, incorporate said places as pit stops along the way. For example, if passing by a theme park, get a few rides in to maintain the momentum of the trip. Young children might not care, but teenagers will feel less angsty in places of their choosing.

Do the Unexpected and Challenge Your Family

Every city promotes key tourist destinations and activities. While mostly worth doing, you might get more from something out of the ordinary. Open your family to new experiences to grow together and build long-lasting memories. Sticking to the mundane or the predictable will make for a forgettable trip.

Bring a Good Quality Camera

Few people have the fortune of an eidetic memory. For the majority of us, we need physical photos to remember and relive our pasts. Taking pictures on vacation preserves the moment and lets us share it with others.

Mingle with the Locals and other Travellers

People make places great. An authentic foreign experience requires interaction with the culture. Even cities close to home have their own nuances to discover. Don’t shy from introducing your family to such things. Restaurants, festivals, hotels and tour groups all serve as platforms for meeting new people.

Bring Something Back Home

Like a photograph, souvenirs can remind you of the fun your family had travelling. Souvenirs needn’t come from a gift shop either. What a store owner thinks represents the city is not always congruent with your experiences. Look for items that embody the memories you’ve made—not ones that simply prove you went somewhere.