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Exploring a City’s Art Scene

Exploring a City's Art Scene

Art is truly the epitome of human creativity and ingenuity. It can take so many different forms, such as a painting, meticulously created with each intentional brush stroke on a canvas or an architect designing a building. Art provides an outlet for self-expression and offers others the opportunity to gain insight through the observation of that self-expression. 

Different cities have their own ways of celebrating art and providing those that enjoy it opportunities to do so. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy art in Sudbury!

Opportunities to Experience Art in Sudbury

Open Studio

An art studio, located in the heart of downtown Sudbury, with the goal of being a space for current students from Cambrian college to showcase their work. The exhibit targets students in the college’s art fundamental, graphic design and animation programs and exhibits can include contemporary design and historical arts (i.e., painting, sculpture, mixed media, installations, video, films and events).

Artists on Elgin

Artists on Elgin, is a place where artists can display and sell their art work. This gallery and boutique combination has paintings to pottery and lots in between. Artists on Elgin, carries fantastic gifts year-round for northern art lovers.

Sudbury Theatre Centre

Founded in 1971, the Sudbury Theatre Centre (STC) is the ideal venue for local performers. The theatre features productions written by local writers and starring local performers, it’s a great way to educate youth and upcoming artists. STC is open from September through May and offers a wide selection of programming.