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How to Eat Healthier While Travelling Abroad

Eat Healthier

Vacation for most of us means overeating and overdrinking. Then, after those few gluttonous days, we guiltily return home a little heavier. But what if we could eat healthier without diminishing the joys of our vacation? Well, here are three easy adjustments that let you do just this!

Pack Healthy Snacks for Transit

Most public transportation allows food and drink, so pack snacks for the bus, car, train or boat. Airlines are stricter, but you can still bring snacks for arrival. Healthy food ideas include:

  • Dried fruits and nuts;
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Meal replacement bars;
  • Supplements and protein.

Ideally, aim to eat every two to three hours. Doing so prevents starvation, when you’ll recklessly buy junk at the next scheduled stop.

Use the Hotel’s Mini-Fridge

Remember that you can store food at the hotel to save money and calories. Besides avoiding steep dining bills, keeping a few healthy options nearby is convenient.

Before your stay, research the hotel’s area and identify markets or grocers to shop. Unless travelling with a full cooler, you will need to buy foods locally.

Explore the Restaurants in the City

Some restaurants serve healthier foods than others, so don’t settle on the first establishment you see. Instead, walk the neighbourhood and get a feel for the different menus. If possible, visit each restaurant’s website and download the nutritional information. This is the best way to make an informed decision.

Buffets can make smart restaurant choices if you do not overindulge. The food variety provides a few healthful dishes in the least. Especially buffets with salad bars, you can pick which ingredients and dressings you’d like to eat rather than relying on the chef’s tasty judgement. Just note that eating healthy includes what you drink—careful how many cocktails you imbue over dinner.