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Don’t Let Your Level of Exercise Drop on Vacation

Don't Let Your Level of Exercise Drop on Vacation

Do you ever feel like exercise requires massive amounts of time allocated towards that specific activity? This can be hard enough to achieve in your normal routine, let alone when you’re on vacation away from home, on a different schedule and in different accommodations. With exercise being so important for our health, we need to include it, no matter where we are. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to incorporate exercise into your vacation time!

Build Exercise into How You Explore Your Environment

When in a building consider walking up the stairs opposed to taking the elevator. If you’re in an urban destination, see if there’s a bike share program. Opposed to getting a bus tour, cycle through the city. This allows you to take in the sights and get exercise in the process. You can even turn already physical activities, like hiking or walking in a park, into strong workouts. In a park, try finding a bench and do 10 step-ups, followed by 10 push-ups and repeating the process a few times. 

Commence Your Day with a Morning Work

Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes for a high-intensity workout is an excellent way to start the day burning calories and feeling energized. If you’re unsure of the best workouts for a short timespan, a quick web search or even YouTube videos are great sources for workout ideas. 

Utilize Waiting In Line to Build Work Your Muscles

Whether you’re waiting in line for a popular attraction or to enter a movie theatre, these moments can provide a great opportunity to do simple workouts. For example, calf raises can be done standing anywhere and help build lower leg strength. Another simple workout to do in a line is tightening your abs and holding it for 20 seconds before releasing and repeating the process. This workout is excellent for gaining core strength.