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Don’t Let Work Concerns Prevent You from Taking a Vacation!

Don't Let Work Concerns Prevent You from Taking a Vacation!

When was the last time you took a vacation to just relax or spend time with your family? For many in the working world, vacation time is perceived as a commodity, reserved for a lucky few; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Below are common myths that many employees feel will take place if they take time for a vacation. So, if your vacation is long overdue, don’t let these myths stand in your way!

You’ll Miss out on a Promotion

Are you concerned taking time off causes your boss to see you as a less prominent candidate for a promotion?

Taking a vacation demonstrates a healthy work-life balance and shows your boss you’re able to manage yourself effectively. 

As long as you schedule your vacation time well in advance, ensure all your work is organized and you’ve delegated all important tasks, prior to departure, you have nothing to be concerned about. 

You Might Get Fired

Does the fear of being replaced keep you rooted in your seat, instead of on the trip you’ve always wanted? Many employees feel taking trips makes them appear more replaceable to their boss and that someone better and more dedicated will fill their role. 

Remember, you regularly prove your worth to your company every day at work. Besides, any company that would penalize their staff for taking vacation time would not respect them and you’d be better served to work elsewhere!

You’ll Feel Guilty

Do you feel like your boss may view you as less committed than your coworkers who aren’t going on vacation?

Continuing to work without vacation time, to prove your worth to your organization, is likely to leave your exhausted and feeling burnt out. Taking time for vacation gives you the opportunity to unwind and come back refreshed!