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Help Your Dog Become a Better Hotel Guest

Help Your Dog Become a Better Hotel Guest

Not too long ago, most hotels would reject your furry friends. Consequently, you were left to find a dog sitter or kennel (preferably the former). But nowadays, it’s common for hotels to have pet policies and services. Some charge extra for cleaning and maintenance, while others simply ask for his or her name and offer a treat. Regardless, these institutions allow you to bring your animals under the expectation that you will take care of them.

Travelling with pets is a big responsibility. Besides your regular feeding, walking and cleaning duties, you need to control your dog’s behaviour in new places and ease any anxiety he or she may feel. Otherwise, you may find yourself in some trouble if your dog barks or terrorizes other guests.

How Does Your Dog Behave at Home?

Some dogs don’t travel well—and that’s fine. Others shouldn’t be given the opportunity. If your dog barks at home, needs large amounts of space or has selective hearing, then a hotel may not be the smart choice. However, if your dog is well-trained, then you can preserve that good behaviour by making the room homely. For instance, you can bring a familiar blanket, toy or bed.

It’s also important to leave the “do not disturb” sign on the door if you leave your pet alone. (Note: Some hotels prohibit this.) If you do not notify the staff, you risk scaring both your pet and the housekeeper.

Inquire about a Ground-Level Floor

Hotels that do accept animals often designate certain floors as pet-friendly. This contains the potential noise or mess to a single area, unaffecting guests who travel without companionship. If possible, request a ground-level floor for your dog, as this gives you easier access to the outdoors and limits interaction with other guests in elevators, stairwells and halls.