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How to Keep Your Dog Calm When You Travel

How to Keep Your Dog Calm When You Travel

Some pets are enthusiastic about travel—especially road trips. Dogs love to hang their heads out car windows, watching the people, wildlife and scenery whiz by. Others hate it; they fear cars and other modes of transit.

Regardless which type of emotion your pet shows, travelling with a riled-up pet can add unnecessary stress to your vacation. So, what can you do to calm him or her down?

Get a Health Check

Firstly, before travelling with any animal, always consult a vet. Make sure that your pet is fit for travel; otherwise, he or she may fall ill and require expensive medical attention abroad.

For particularly anxious pets, some vets can prescribe natural calmers. That said, if you’re flying or taking major transportation services, first check with the company to ensure sedating your pet does not violate any rules. A dopey pet can prevent border patrol from properly assessing his or her character.

Familiarize Your Pet with His or Her Travel Quarters

If you must put your dog in a crate to travel, make sure that your dog is well-acquainted with the container beforehand. The last thing you want to do is introduce him or her to an unfamiliar space and then go to a foreign location.

You can make a container more home-like, too, by throwing in a favourite toy or blanket. Just make sure that it does not contain anything dangerous like a leash.

Exercise Your Pet

If you’d like your pet to sleep during transit, exercise him or her rigorously. The physical exhaustion combined with the mental stimulation of travel will induce sleepiness.

Stay Positive

Animals feed off our own energy. If you show anger or frustration, it will stress our pets out. However, positive reinforcement will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. This includes more than just rewarding good behaviour. If you can, talk to your pets regularly in a happy voice, checking in with them and letting them know everything is okay.